Our pie crust is made with a recipe passed along generations, which is flaky and tender, and filled with your choice of fruit or custard

8"    $12.50

10"   $14.50

 pumpkin     sweet potato

8"    $14.35

10"    $17.35

pecan          blueberry          lemon meringue

coconut custard          french apple       cherry

​apple            apple crumb       mincemeat

Turnover Pies

Our turnover pies are made with the same ingredients as our pies, except they are bite size. 

Warning....they are addictive!

$1.15 each

apple with vanilla icing

raspberry with powdered sugar


$1.20 plain or $1.60 with cream cheese or butter

plain         onion          garlic          everything

cheddar cheese          salsa with cheddar cheese

salsa with cheddar cheese and jalapeños

ranch with garlic and cheddar cheese

cheddar cheese with jalapeños          pepper parmesan

poppy           sesame   

Call ahead and we can cater your breakfast meeting with doughnuts, danish, bagels and coffee boxes to go! 


*all prices are subject to change*


$1.45 each

blueberry with vanilla icing

​chocolate chunk with chocolate drizzle

​$1.55 each

​apple crumb with cinnamon sugar icing


honey dip knots          cinnamon honey dip swirl  

cinnamon honey dip swirl with chocolate


$1.65 each

cherry         cherry crumb          cheese          lemon

lemon coconut*          blueberry          blueberry crumb

pineapple*          pineapple coconut*           raspberry*

raspberry coconut*          coconut custard*

Old Fashioned Doughnuts

$1.20 each

honey dip           chocolate honey dip           custard

marshmallow         assorted sprinkles          lemon          raspberry

chocolate raised          cinnamon sugar twist

toasted coconut with chocolate     chocolate peanut

The Village Junction


1332 Sulphur Spring Rd, Arbutus, MD 21227


                                                                $1.85 each

peach         apple          apple crumb

$2.25 each

​Fresh Strawberry

Pecan nut stix          coconut almond

​$1.65 each 

cinnamon sugar bowtie ​     cougan         

​*flavors available for order, not made daily*

Mini danish are available to order for platters starting at $1.00 each


$10.60/ pound

chocolate chip with walnuts         oatmeal raisin    

peanut butter          snicker doodle

$11.25/ pound

white chocolate chip pistachio          gingerbread

salty triple chocolate pistachio          root beer float

butter danish.....

raspberry thumbprint         chocolate topped         

raspberry sandwich          plain

Our sugar cookies are paper thin like your grandmother made, hand rolled, cut and sugared

$15.75/ pound


$15.99/ pound


Ask about catering and platters that are available to order